The Most Comprehensive Commercial Transaction Attorneys in Cary, NC


Commercial transactions comprise a huge portion of day-to-day business activities. Individuals, small businesses and large organizations get into deals that involve exchange of crucial information, money, goods and services. Most of these transactions are quite complex and require the input of a qualified commercial transactions attorney in order to avoid future conflicts that could result in the underlying agreement being declared “null and void”.

Marzella group lawyers are pragmatic and experienced in the area of commercial transactions. Our deep understanding of the legalities and business implications emerging in business transactions enhances our ability to address any problems proactively and react effectively to changing situations. We provide counsel to enable you proceed in a deal with a degree of certainty in agreements such as:

1. Mortgages

2. Security agreements

3. Promissory notes

4. Real estate leases

5. Financial agreements

6. Shareholder agreements

7. Partnership agreements

8. Loan commitments

9. Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements

Whatever type of agreement you’re preparing to get into, Marzella Law Group are the business lawyers you can fully trust to help you put in place legal foundations that will safeguard your interest.

We boast a wide experience

Often, we get clients that have disputes against other individuals in the same company. For example when two partners disagree, it is wise to contact a lawyer who is experienced in this field of law. Whether these cases involve breach of contract, fraud or defamation, we can provide cutting-edge strategic advice.

We consistently apply our handy skills navigating the ever-changing, global commercial scene to a wide range of sectors. The depth of our knowledge and expertise provides significant advantage to anyone who wants a unique and effective strategy to suit their situation.

Final word

Because your business’s success relies on our thoroughness, we accord each and every deal meticulous attention. We draft contracts that clearly capture the terms of your business deals. Give your business the greatest opportunity of success today. Call us on (919) 653-8800 or fill our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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